Monday, October 26, 2009

gratis $15.00 Giftcard for Kodak Photo : no BS

Coupon sites, 99.999% of which are linkspam or scams, would have you click through a series of pay-them-to-click redirects.

Every time I find one that doesn't suck I will share the direct, non-affiliate URL here... mostly to spite them.

If you, too, find scammy behavior objectionable email with complains to have the account revoked.  Hitting them in the wallet is the only way to effect an ethical upgrade.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

silly atheist love is not an emotion

Exploring the logical conclusion of an ideology is NOT hateful

If anything it is loving to help disposes the foolish of flawed notions... as long as it is done kindly.

Love is NOT an emotion -- otherwise it could not be commanded. 

Love IS an act of will.
  Otherwise it could not be vowed (marriage).

Two far more civil exchanges

paint the roof and road white? White is good and black is bad? What about dark skin?

Are people with dark skin harmful to the environment as are rooves and roads? People with dark skin are not doing their part 'for the environment' by having the correct skin tone. Should they be banished from California- or exterminated outright 'for the environment'? Oh, wait, that's eugenics. We already have planned parenthood for that... and the czar ruminating about forced sterilization.  
"[building more energy plants endangers the energy plan]" -- Juan Williams

Yes, providing more energy to the grid endangers the destroy the grid plan of socialists. Cap-n-trade? Uh no. Limiting use of electricity in NO way 'saves' electricity. Limiting use of electricity in NO way reduces the need for electricity. Build more nuclear power plants? Yes. 'Energy crisis' solved.