Thursday, February 25, 2010

"conflict" the world over... fascism gains new ground thanks to islam and wrong-tolerance


"innocents suffer," whines the article.   innocents? nay. cowards most!

Would that they rise from their cowardice and form a government that serves them instead of accelerating evolution.  maybe in another millennium they will help themselves collectively instead of helping themselves selfishly.

Are all acts of inhuman savagery accounts for in this aortic spewing piece? No, that might tempt the frothing ire of the black cube fanbois.  It's politically "incorrect" to point out another world domination attempt by islam through genocide of dissenters

Saturday, February 20, 2010

hooray for mozilla thunderbird?

google likes to do things their way to the exclusion of standards so intensely evidenced by their non-IMAP4 flavor in gmail and their non-jabber flavor in gchat.

maybe mozilla will help google suck a little less badly

mozilla would like to seem to have come a long way as indicated by version numbers, but since forming the mozilla foundation and selling out users wholesale significant progress has been slow at best.

how's mozilla lightening integration working out?  yeah, not very well.  big surprise? 


it could be worse: mozilla could be charging for a featured version....

oh wait that's exactly what they're doing

forsooth, mozilla foundation!